Redeemer OPC--What We Believe

What We Believe

At Redeemer, our primary aim is to glorify God through worship, sacrament, and prayer. We heartily resonate with the truth that man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and we seek to live that truth out every day of our lives.

As part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), we maintain the historic belief and practice of the Reformed faith as summarized in our historic confession, the Westminster Standards. Below is a very brief summary of what we believe. For more details on exactly what we teach about God and the Scriptures, you can read the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism.

Scripture Alone

We are committed to teaching and doing all that our Lord requires of us in the Bible. Only the Bible is God’s infallible Word, and so it is our final authority and standard. Only the Bible reveals to us what we need to know about salvation from sin and living an obedient life.

In Christ Alone

We believe the biblical teaching that Jesus is both fully human and fully God. Jesus is the only Savior of mankind, and there is no way to God except through Him. Only His perfect life, death and resurrection can turn away God’s just wrath from sinners, and only His obedience can merit anything before God. Jesus guarantees full salvation from the penalty of sin and reconciles us to God.

By Grace Alone

We believe that God’s gracious love always comes before any decision to follow Him. He loved us while we were still His enemies. This means that every aspect of the Christian life from first to last is a gift of God by His grace and not something that anyone can boast about.

Through Faith Alone

Our faith is what unites us to Jesus Christ and His completed work and guarantees for us all of His benefits: forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is by faith in Christ alone that a sinner is considered righteous before a holy God, and not by anything that we can do through acts of obedience.

To God’s Glory Alone

God alone deserves to be glorified and praised. We are committed to worshiping God only in the ways that He requires in the Bible: through the careful reading and preaching of His Word, thoughtful prayers, reverent songs, and frequent observance of the Lord’s Supper.

Want to learn more about what we believe? Have questions about the doctrines above? Please contact us! We would love to hear from you and share with you the hope we have.