Building and Use Policy

Redeemer OPC Building and Use Form
Looking for our Building and Use Form? Here it is!

Drafted 23 November 2017, approved by the session 20 December 2017

I. Preamble

The Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church (ROPC) facility and property is primarily to be used for the worship of God, instruction in the Christian faith, the fellowship of the Saints, and associated activities.  The building is not available for rent to the general public since we are a non-profit church organization that is supported entirely through the tithes and love offerings of its members.

II. Member and Non-Member Use

Members of ROPC have first priority to reserve rooms in the building for ministry, fellowship, weddings, parties and other activities with prior approval by the session.

Second priority will be given to members of NAPARC churches and regular attenders of ROPC.

Other organizations and individuals may make requests to use the building but will be required to have a sponsor.  A sponsor is an adult member of ROPC who will be present to take responsibility to oversee the activity, cleanup, and security of the building. All such requests must be made through, and approved by, the session of ROPC.

General Use Guidelines

The guidelines listed below are to be applied to all events being requested at ROPC. All those requesting the use of the building must agree in writing or verbally to these stipulations:

  1. There is no conflict with stated church meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by the Session or Diaconate, which have priority.
  2. The building and property may only be used on Sundays if it is not in conflict with public worship services and other regularly scheduled church activities on the Lord’s Day.
  3. The building must be restored to order and cleanliness that same day of use. The member reserving the building is responsible to pick up the key two calendar days before, and return it two calendar days after the event; coordinate or perform all logistical issues such as access, security, set-up, trash removal and clean up, and proper closing and locking of the building. The cleaning lists posted in the kitchens should be used to guide clean up efforts.
  1. For large events the member must be willing to sign a Hold-Harmless Agreement in favor of the church.
  2. Any and all damage occurred during the event to the building or equipment would be the member’s responsibility to repair or replace.
  3. Vendors: the use of outside vendors (i.e. caterers, bands, etc) shall provide a certificate of insurance for workers’ compensation and general liability policies, listing Redeemer OPC as an additional insured for that event. Any other applicant, other than a vendor or member, must provide proof of insurance.
  4. No smoking is permitted in the building facility or the surrounding property belonging to ROPC.
  5. Any use of alcohol must receive approval from the session prior to the event. Discretion will be exercised by the session in consideration of such requests.

Reserving the building

The church building may be reserved for large and small events. All required forms must be filled out in their entirety and be given to the session. Regardless of the event type the building is not considered reserved until one has received written or verbal confirmation from the session. Access to and use of the building is within the time parameters specified on the building and use form.

Reservation – Large Events

Large events (26 or more guests) require the Building and Use form and the Hold-Harmless Agreement to be filled out and submitted to the session at least 6 weeks prior to the event to allow time to process the request.

Guidelines for use of the building for weddings, weddings showers, wedding receptions, and baby showers: All use of the building will be in accordance with the standards set forth in Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church’s Statement on Gender, Marriage, Sexuality, and Sanctity of Life.

  • Weddings and showers
    Use of the building for a wedding, wedding shower, or a wedding reception will be considered by the session only if one of the couple being married is a member in good standing of Redeemer OPC, another OPC church, or another sister NAPARC church. Use of alcohol must be approved by the session for wedding receptions.
  • Rules for Wedding use
    Instead of rice, birdseed is to be used, and only outside the building (the party is responsible to clean all bird seed that gets in the building). Only dripless candles may be used in the building. Should one require the services of a cleaning person, Redeemer OPC requests that arrangements be made with a cleaning person separately.
  • Baby showers
    Baby showers in the church building are permitted for expectant mothers who are members of Redeemer OPC, another OPC church, or a sister NAPARC church, with prior approval by the session.

Reservation – Small Events

Smaller events (25 guests or less) such as those listed below do not require the Building and Use form or the Hold Harmless Agreement, but still must be approved by the session.

Small Events include, but are not limited to hosting visitors for lunch, family dinners after baptisms or professions of faith, and other activities during the week such as women’s Bible studies.

Professing Christians from outside the church

There are many valid reasons to use our building for broader Kingdom uses. The Redeemer OPC building and property were provided through God’s benevolence and by the sacrificial generosity of its church members. The church desires that its facilities be used for the worship and fellowship and edification of the body of Christ and to glorify God. Although the facilities are not generally open to the public, Redeemer does at times make the facilities available to approved non-members upon special request to the session. As a witness to our faith, in a spirit of Christian charity, and as a means of demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in practice, the session of Redeemer will consider such requests with Godly wisdom and discretion.

Use of the Redeemer OPC facility and property will not be permitted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs or practices that conflict with the church’s faith or moral teachings as clearly taught in the Bible and summarized in the Westminster Standards, the Book of Church Order of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and Redeemer OPC’s Statement on Gender, Marriage, Sexuality, and the Sanctity of Life. Nor may church facilities be used for activities that contradict, or are deemed inconsistent with, the church’s faith or moral teachings. The session is the final arbiter to approve all use of church facilities, and the session’s decision is final, not subject to further arbitration.

Use of church building contents

Members of Redeemer OPC may request to borrow items of church property (i.e. chairs, tables, hymnals, Bibles, coffee pots, dishware, etc) for use in other church related activities outside of the facility and property of Redeemer. Use of items for personal gatherings and non-church related activities will generally be discouraged. All such requests should be made to the session.

Redeemer OPC will not loan out its electronic equipment (including but not limited to its sound system components, speakers, projectors, televisions, screens, computers, and wireless devices) for use outside of the church building. Use of such equipment for other activities inside the church building is not permitted unless a member of Redeemer who is familiar with the use of such equipment is present during the event, and is willing to take full financial responsibility for use of such equipment and liability for any equipment failure.