Upcoming Events

There’s a lot going on at Redeemer! From monthly Fellowship Meals and church-wide outreach events to Bible studies and book clubs, there is an abundance of ways to get plugged in and grow in grace. We hope you will join us!

Upcoming Event Details

Fellowship Meal (Potluck)

Date: Second Sunday of every month

Time:  12 pm, after morning worship service.

Location: Reedemer OPC, 1820 Montour Boulevard, Danville PA 17821

Details: Our monthly Fellowship Meals are a great opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with fellow church members. There is always plenty of great home cooked food, so come hungry! All are welcome.

Shepherding Groups

       Date: Fourth Sunday of every month

       Time: 5 pm (Reasons & Garvins) 6 pm (Chartowichs)

       Location: If you live to the west of Danville, you are invited to the Garvins. If you live in Danville, you are invited to the Reasons. If you live east of Danville (e.g. in Bloomsburg), you are invited to the Chartowichs.

      Details:  The goal of the Shepherding groups is to be an informal time of devotion, food, and fellowship for the whole family.

Ladies Bible Study & Service Project

    Date: Thursdays

      Time: 9:30 am

  Location: every first Thursday of the month we will meet to do the LuoPad project at the Beveridge Family Life Center at First Baptist Church in Danville. This starts at 10 am there. Every other Thursday of the month we will meet at Redeemer OPC, 1820 Montour Boulevard, Danville, PA 17821 at 9:30.

Details: Mid-January we just started a study on 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus . See Tesha or Gabriela for more information. Babysitting provided.

Ladies Brunch/Book Study

Date: Saturdays (Starting October 12)

     Time: 9:30-11:30 am

     Location: Every month, we will meet at the Chartowich home for a book study. Starting on October 12th, we will be reading and studying J-Curve: Dying & Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life by Paul Miller.